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Why register through this website?  What does it provide?
Will I receive a confirmation once I register?
What do I do if I have registered but I cannot log in to the site?


How do I change my password?
How do I access my account if I forgot my password?
How do I change my email address?

Account/Customer Numbers

Where can I find my account number?
Where can I find my customer number?
Will I receive an error message if I enter the wrong customer or account number?
How do I change billing or contact information for my account?


Can I pay my bill through online banking?
How can I pay my bill through this website?
Why can't I see the payment options?
Where can I find the authorization number on my credit card?
Will I receive confirmation of my payment?
When will the Utilities Department receive my online payment?
If my water already is disconnected, will paying online turn it back on?
If I received a disconnection notice, can I pay online?
What is the third-party site?
What if the payment processing system seems delayed or slow while I'm making a payment?
What is direct debit?
What is a transaction history?
What is billing history?


What is an e-bill?
How can I receive an e-bill?
Can I get an e-bill and a bill mailed to me?
Can I register for an e-bill if I have a third party on my account who receives copies of my bills?
How can I change to e-bills or printed bills after my initial registration?
I registered for e-bills, but I am not receiving them. What should I do?


How can I change to e-bills or printed bills after my initial registration?
Can I see a copy of my paper bill online?
How do I see my payment history?
Can I print a copy of my bill?


How do I notify you that I'm moving?

Computer System Requirements

What can't I see graphs?
Why does the graph on my paper bill look different than the graphs on the webpage?
If my computer is left inactive, how long do I have before I am logged off the website?

Contact Us

I cannot find the answer to my question. Can I call or email you?