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What is an e-bill?

An e-bill is an electronic or online version of your water/wastewater bill that you receive by email. This is a free service provided by Chesterfield Utilities, and it gives you the opportunity to go paperless. When you register to receive your water/wastewater e-bill, you will receive:

  • Email notifications when your bill is ready to view
  • Online access anytime to view, print or pay your bill from your computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Online availability of two years of past water/wastewater bills

How can I receive an e-bill?

Register on this website by creating a user name and password. (Click here to Register.)If you have already registered, log in to your account, scroll under Main and click on e-bill Registration, click in the box under the question “Register for e-bill.” To receive only an e-bill, scroll under Main and click on Change Profile, click on Manage Profile, and click in the box beside the question, “Receive e-bills?”  Click to uncheck the box “Receive Printed Bills?” to stop a paper bill from being mailed to you.

Can I get an e-bill and a bill mailed to me?

Yes. To receive both an e-bill and a mailed bill, log in to your account, scroll under Main and click Change Profile, click on Manage Profile, and click in the box beside the question, “Receive e-bills?”

Can I register for an e-bill if I have a third party on my account who receives copies of my bills?

No, please do not register for an e-bill if third-party bill notification needs to be active on your account.

How can I change to e-bills or printed bills after my initial registration?

If you have already registered and would like to change your billing preference, log in, and click on Change Profile under Main. Select Manage Profile and choose from the list of options to change your selection.

I registered for e-bills, but they stopped coming. What happened?

We may not have your correct email address. It is very important to update your email address in your customer profile, especially if you are receiving e-bills. To update your personal information, log in to your account, click Change Profile, then Edit Profile then Manage User Credentials.

Can I see a copy of my bill online?

Yes, if you are registered to receive e-bills. If you are registered to receive only mailed bills, you can view details of your bill including usage, billing history, recent service, and transaction activity by logging into your account, selecting Account Options and then clicking on Billing History.

How do I see my payment history?

Log in to your account, select Account Options and then click on Billing History. The Bill Date column shows the dates that you were billed. By clicking on the date, you can view your service charges.

Can I print a copy of my bill?

If you have chosen to receive e-bills, you have the ability to view a copy of your bill online and print it. First, log in to your account and then select Billing History under Account Options. Your e-bill is available to view and print in the last column. Please note that copies of your e-bill are maintained up to two years.